Since 2005, our work with educators who go above and beyond for their students has inspired, energized and moved us. We are proud of the following milestones you have made possible:

  • Lights Out has had 1.5 million participants, growing from 50K students in the first year of the project to more than 300K at its peak.
  • We have presented on climate education and youth empowerment to thousands of students in 4 countries.
  • 6 student ambassadors in high school and university successfully organized and grew the project in their regions.
  • Lights Out has been featured in more than 25 publications.

The project is now complete. Our website will continue to live on, along with the lesson plans, event guides and posters that we’ve shared with schools. Please feel free to use these tools and to host Lights Out days in your schools, districts and communities.

We may find another home for Lights Out in the future. If we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Many individuals and organizations have supported Lights Out over the years. The project would not have been possible without them:

Special thanks to Dev Aujla, Ed, Joyce & Nic Annau, Patrick Forestell, Dr. Michael Fox, Simon Jackson, Elizabeth May, Thomas Paul, Bill Rawlins, Leanne Souchuck, Johan Stroman, Tom Ewart, Barbara Turley-McIntyre, Dr. Brad Walters, Kyle Wamer, Dr. Andrew Weaver, Craig Wilson, the teachers and administrators at Ballenas Secondary School, Mount Allison University and The Cooperators.

The idea behind Lights Out is that small changes add up to make a big difference. It is within all of our power to commit to making those small changes together.